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Introducing our Next Study

Do you struggle most days with feeling distant from God? Busyness, numbness, and so many other things get in between us and experiencing nearness with Christ. The good news is that God has given us tools that help us experience His presence. These have been used by the Church for thousands of years to draw near to God and experience the full, abundant life He calls us to. It’s when we choose these things that we experience Him, and when we do that, everything changes.

Starting March 13th we will begin a 7 week long study called Enjoying Jesus: 12 Experiences That Will Draw You Closer. We will walk through spiritual disciplines outlined in the Bible, meant to draw us closer to Jesus.

Will you join us? Will you invite friends to walk through the study with you?

You can use the code SPRING17 to get $5 off of Enjoying Jesus -


Will this study be online as well, like Anno Domini?

I'm pretty sure it will follow how the other IF studies have been done. So yes it should be online :) I personally love this option because then I don't need to buy anything extra or remember to bring it (if I'm studying with a group).

Yes, Absolutely!:)

Can't wait to start!

So, we won't have access to the study through the app?

Yes, you can do the study through the app with or without the book. You can use a notebook to write your answers to questions. You can also read and share comments. The books are wonderful and I'm sure help IF to cover some of costs of their mission:)

You will have access :)

I agree it should still be like the others, some just choose to have the bookies for notes and such. I' love he app and my own notebooks.
Excited to see where this takes us! Blessings!

I can't wait for the next study but ladies you have time to either read Jenny Allen's book or I saw in the shop my heart I just read this book and it is phenomenal Julie Manning gets raw and with letters to her boys. She is living with heart failure that she discovered upon the birth of a child number two and the book is about her life and her religion . Itis a fast read and you could read it before the next study begins. I called it a love story as it is a love story of her relationship with God and her family.

Looking forward to this study!

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