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Introducing Our Next Study - Redeemed

Sometimes God's call to make disciples feels intimidating. We love God and want to share Him with others, but often we don't know how. You won’t want to miss our next study, Redeemed: A Tool for Sharing Your Story of Redemption, which starts next Monday, May 29th! We’ll grow to understand the significance of telling the stories of what God has done in our lives.

Gather a few friends and walk through this study together. You'll learn to write out your story and practice sharing it with each other. We hope you'll join us for Redeemed.

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So excited about the new study. So glad to be back studying with you girls.

So glad you are with us !!!!

Welcome back!

This is exactly what I need. Thank you!

Looking forward to this! Always love the studies here. I didn't comment much during Proven but I was here, processing and learning. Thank you for the work you do in putting these studies together!

I love these studies!! Thank you so much for all you effort to provide them!!

I really miss the study when on break! This study, as we remember and rehearse our story, should really strengthen our faith as we contemplate all He has done for each of us!! Can't wait!!

I'm looking forward to this! Wish I could order the book, but at least I can follow along here <3

Very excited about this study!!

Just love your studies and can't wait for this one! Thanks for all you do!

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